TARDIS Control Room
Our TARDIS control room is a creation from the imagination of our prop builders but is reminiscent of the many versions of the control room on the TV show Doctor Who. It can be set up as free standing or it can be enclosed in an LED control room off the back of the TARDIS for a great "bigger on the inside" effect.  (Photos coming soon!)

Doctor Who Villains Menagerie
We have collected villains from all over the Doctor Who Universe and brought them together in an interactive collection. The Weeping Angel, Silence, Empty Child, and Ood will pose with you for photos and selfies, just "don't blink."

Replica Harry Potter 9 3/4 Wall
One of our coolest exhibits let's you grab your trolley at King's Cross and pass right through the wall to catch the Hogwart's Express. Your trunks and owls await you on the platform so grab your ticket and house scarf and experience the magic!

Replica Harry Potter Thestral

A Thestral is a skeletal horse with large leathery wings that can only be seen by those who have witnessed Death. While, fortunately, many people cannot see this exhibit those who can have said it is really spectacular. The Haunted forest hosts our Thestral and her baby and maybe if you're lucky you can catch a ride to the Ministry of Magic.  (Photos coming soon!)

Replica Fantastic Beasts Suitcase

Our Fantastic Beasts Exhibit is Newt Scamander's famous critter suitcase. We have cast the Undetectable Extension Charm on it so you can climb right down inside and see Newt's magical creatures. When you return to the surface, we take you photo as you immerge to catch your look of wonder and awe!  (Photos coming soon!)

Star Trek Captain's Chair
Our Replica of the Original Star Trek Series Captain's Chair will made you feel like you are in command of the Enterprise. Come and sit in the chair of the legendary Captain James T. Kirk and take on the Kobayashi Maru.


LED Photo Booth
Our LED photo booth is fun for all ages. Come do selfies inside the 10 x10 foot color changing room. Use any of our props and costumes to make you photos fun.


Supernatural Replica Car

Our Flagship exhibit is a Supernatural Replica Car. Thor the Impala is a replica of the car "Baby" on the hit TV show Supernatural. It boasts a fully equipped, screen correct weapons trunk. Many of our weapons have been custom made and will make you feel like you are on the hunt. Thor has been autographed by many members of the cast, writers and producers of the show and often works with Supernatural celebrities at events.

Stranger Things Living Room
Come and visit the living room of the Byer's Family and see if you can survive the Demogorgon! Our interactive room includes a monster wall that will entrance you, just don't let the monster pull you into the Upside Down!

Experience Entertainment

‚ÄčTARDIS Replica
Our TARDIS is a replica of the time machine used by the Doctor in the long running TV series Doctor Who. It has been on display at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York and is autographed by many of the cast members.

The Lazarus Pit Replica
The Lazarus Pit has been seen in many DC Comics storylines, such as Batman and Green Arrow. Our Pit has even been used by actors John Barrowman, Stephen Amell, Robbie Amell, and Katrina Law from the hit series Arrow based on the Green Arrow Comics. Come and soak in the Pit and gain everlasting immortality or revive someone form the dead.

Replica Walking Dead Prison
It's the zombie apocalypse and you may find safety here at the West Georgia Correctional Facility. But be careful of the 3D interactive Walkers, they may just bite you. The guard shack has plenty of weapons to fight the dead, see if you can survive.

Replica "Pet" Walkers
Our Pet Walkers will travel through other Walkers unnoticed with  pets Mike and Terry at your side. Mike and Terry have been autographed by and even worked with, actors Moses Moseley and Theshay West who played Michonne's Pets in the show.