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These are celebrity fans who we have either worked with at events, or they have just stopped by for their very own photo ops!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Neegan (TWD)
Kurt Angle - WWE Wrestler
Alona Tal - Jo (SPN)
Samantha Ferris - Ellen (SPN)
Barry Bostwick - Jay (SPN)
Jeryl Prescott - Jaquai (TWD)
Glen Hetrick - Face Off
Tawney Kitaen - Witchboard
Moses Moseley & Theshay West - TWD
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Norman Reedus - Daryl (TWD)
AJ Buckley & Travis Webster
Madison McLaughlin - Chrissy
Vern Troyer
Ty Olsson - Benny (SPN)
Santiago Cirillo - Julio (TWD)
Adam Minarovich - Ed (TWD)
Tyler Green - Face Off
Rashid Santiago - Face Off
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Millie Bobby Brown - Eleven
Kelly Ripa
Noah Scnapp - Will Byers
Shannon Purser - Barb
Lindsey McKeon - Tessa
Matthew Lillard - Shaggy
Nichelle Nichols - Uhura
The Lizzie Borden House
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Cleeve Hall - Monster Man
Dustin Pari & Joe Chin
Ming Chen - Comic Book Men
Tiffany Sheppis - Sharknado
Ben Edlund - SPN
Adam Fergus/David HaydenJones/Mark P
Adam Fergus
Mark Pellegrino
David Hayden Jones
Jim Beaver/Steven Williams
Sean Astin - The Lord of the Rings
Sean Astin - Stranger Things
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Outlander Cast
David Tenant and Billie Piper
David Tenant and Billie Piper
Lindsay McKeon - SPN
Shannon Purser - Stranger Things
Moses Moseley - TWD
Rick Worthy - SPN
Theshay West - TWD
Eugene Clark - Big Daddy
AJ Buckley - SPN
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Catherine Tate
Tom Payne - TWD
Alaina Huffman _ SPN
Samantha Ferris - SPN
Alona Tal
KJ McCormich- Ghost Hunters
Chris Schmelke
Catherine Dyer
Madison McLoughlin
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Ming Chen - Comic Book Men