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Charitable Events

If you would like Thor the Impala or any other Experience Entertainment LLC exhibits to be a part of your Charitable Event please email us at

Past Events

Upstate New York Women of Letters

The upstate New York Women of Letters and Experience Entertainment LLC do charitable events throughout the year. For more information see the Upstate Women of Letters Facebook page.

-Photo credit Chris Schmelke

Pittsburgh Women of Letters

Experience Entertainment LLC facilitated an amazing moment for our Supernatural Family the Hruby's. Mike Blasko and Tracey Porter donated a ticket to the Pittsburgh Salute to Supernatural Convention so Alicia Hruby could experience a  convention in person. (Creation Entertainment kindly donated a second ticket for her caretaker since she must be under constant medical care.) And the amazing Pittsburgh Women of Letters donated enough money to get her a photo op with the boys. Experience Entertainmnet LLC provided a Jim Beaver Photo op and several autographs. Conquest Journals donated one of their fabulous memory books for her to record her special day!

Alicia's Prom


Alicia Hruby Struggles every day with some really difficult medical problems, in fact she has survived much longer than doctors ever anticipated. This young lady is one of the strongest people we have ever met.


Alicia's dream was to go to prom in the Supernatural Impala, and Experience Entertainment LLC was in a position to make that happen. We traveled to Alicia's hometown to make it happen, and Alicia's smile made it all worth it!

This young lady has touched our hearts and that of many others in the fandom. 

Alicia's wish is that everyone consider organ donation in order to give others the chance at life that was given to her.

Click here for more information on becoming a donor.

Ethan's Birthday

Ethan is a young man with many medical problems, but a huge personality. A gentle and engaging young man who was having a hard time making friends. He had a few birthday parties that no one showed up to. His mother was searching for something to make his birthday special, and thought having the Supernatural Impala there would make his day. The search began in Maine with the local media, who eventually reached out to us. We traveled to his hometown for the very best surprise birthday party ever! We took this amazing young man on a "hunt" with the help of some volunteer cosplayers. Even Eric Kripke himself reached out to Ethan with a very special birthday gift! Now Ethan has made some really good lifelong friends through his Supernatural Family!

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