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Jimmy LeMay. AKA "Bobby Ringer" is a Supernatural Cosplayer. He is an Ordained minister through the Universal Life Church Ministries. Bobby Ringer is available for events and weddings.


Matt Bell AKA "Matt McFly" is an award winning Marty McFly impersonator. And Eric Sellin is a top notch Emmett "Doc" Brown impersonator. They have worked with Pepsi, Universal, The Philadelphia Symphony, The New York Symphony, ABC, NBC, CBS and many, many more!


Matt is the only Micheal J. Fox approved impersonator and has won the award for World's Best Marty McFly Look-Alike. Matt has been seen on TV shows and in movies like The View, Back In Time, Mr. Robot and has been featured in the press all over the U.S. and U.K.


Both our Doc and our Marty are Ordained ministers through the Universal Life Church Ministries. They are available for events and weddings.

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