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“Loved meeting you guys and seeing your beautiful car at AC BC Con. You were both so nice. The attention you gave my son really made his day. He can’t stop talking about being in “baby” and he hasn’t stopped wearing his Samulet.”

                                                  -Peggy Rispo Boess


“Thank you for coming to Woodbridge, Illinois. I had so much fun getting to take pictures with Thor! It made my night!”

                                                  -Diana Nuzzo


“Thank you for the wonderful time today. Your car is amazing and you definitely made her birthday memorable.”

                                                 -Mary Sue Augello



“Amazing real life artistry!”


                                                     -Leo Tyme


“Wonderful company!! Made my experience the best!!”


                                                     -Kelley Marie


“I absolutely love these guys. The experience was amazing. Thank you for the awesome memories!”


                                                      -Dani Rose

“Incredible! These people are amazing people and their booth and backdrops are incredible! The Impala is flawless and gorgeous! I highly recommend them whenever you see them at an event!!”


                                                       -Alexander Priddy 


“You guys are amazing! Great props, great pics and people! Everyone was super nice and they truly are about your picture and making sure you are happy, I hope to visit them at a con again!”


                                                       -Kyurra Gill


“Saw you guys at Turning Stone at Scareacon. You made my son so happy. It was the best birthday ever. He is still talking about it. You guys are awesome and great.”


                                                           -Cristy Kohli


“Excellent, amazing set up, always a great experience, not just a picture opportunity. They truly enjoy what they do, and seeing people experience their set.”


                                                              -Jennifer Hamilton


“I had the pleasure of meeting these guys at last week’s Wizard World in Chicago. AMAZING people. You can tell they put their hearts and souls into what they do. You won’t meet two more genuine people. Getting to see and sit in the Impala was a fantastic experience, but getting to talk to its owners was better. Thanks to you both! It shows how friendly and courteous you both are. I look forward to seeing you all again.”


                                                          -Travis Garrett


“I’m always excited to see Thor and the team at a conventions! Everyone is extremely friendly, and the Impala is just perfect!This weekend, my photos of myself and DJ Qualls in the car were stolen and the team offered me a re-shoot with DJ, as well as a few extra photos alone. I can't say enough about how absolutely wonderful “Bobby,” his wife and the rest of the team are!”


                                                              -Cassandra Lyn


“Honestly seeing a perfect replica of Supernatural’s 1967 Chevy Impala: “Baby” was the highlight of my Philly Auto Show experience! The attention to detail was amazing- they had the giant rainbow slinky in the back and had even hand written the journal!! Kim was so nice and is truly all about making a fans day. I would totally recommend them for any pop culture event!!”


                                                        -Jocelyn Bowman


“Got to get in the Impala at Wizard World Comic Con! Had SOOOO much fun!!! Hope to see you again soon!!!!! You should do CInema Wasteland next!”

                                                      -Rhonda Kachur


“Ya’ll were amazing! I am still smiling ear to ear over that car! Thank you so much for your hospitality and the FUN! My kids are still torturing me with their Call Box photo with the angel. YOu guys totally ended my Saturday at the con on a huge level!  Thank you again!!”


                                                      -Erin Danik


“ ‘Bobby’, the staff and Baby were fantastic at Awesome Con!”


                                                  -Wes Whitlock


“They are amazing and so cool! Love meeting the owners and Great experience!”


                                                     -Laura Bull


“Love this booth. YOu guys are rocking it!”


                                                    -Square Customer Review


“It was awesome...everyone was great and it was a once in a lifetime experience”


                                                     -Square Customer Review

“Everything was amazing. I didn’t have to wait on line or anything!”

                                                 -Square Customer Review


“Loved the whole experience! Thank you guys so much for letting me have fun in Baby today!”


                                                 -Square Customer Review


“Props were great just everything”


                                                 -Square Customer Review

“It was AWESOME! Baby is the besting next to meeting Sam & Dean!”


                                                -Square Customer Review


“My friend and I had a blast and it made me really happy and everything turned out great”


                                               -Square Customer Review


“You guys are the bomb! See you at the next convention!!”


                                                -Square Customer Review


“Nice people”


                                                 -Square Customer Review


“You both great people to talk with. Thanks for showing us all the Super Natural photos you car. Hope to see you again sometime.”


                                                    -Square Customer Review


“You guys are nice! And the Impala was perfect.”

                                                      -Square Customer Review


“The Impala was gorgeous”


                                                      -Square Customer Review


“Great experience! Super friendly Dean, Bobby and Photographer!! Excellent props! This made the 2 hr drive from CT TOTALLY worth it!! Keep up the fun! Thank you!”


                                                      -Square Customer Review


“My friend and I had a blast and it made me really happy and everything turned out great”


                                                       -Square Customer Review

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