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Scenes & Sets

Other Experiences We Offer

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The Byer's Living Room

Experience the Byer's living room, but may find some stranger things lurking.

With our interactive Demigorgon wall you will feel like you are right in the upside down.

Footprint: 10 x 10

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The Shire

Start off on your own adventure, frolic in the Shire with wizards, hobbits and dwarves. Use costumes and props to immerse yourself in our cast used Shire! 

Footprint: 10 x 20

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DSC_0001 (14).jpg


Travel through time & space with our version of the Doctors' TARDIS. Don't blink the weeping angel may just reach out and touch you.

Footprint: 10 x 10

Wizarding Exhibits

Catch your train at Kings Cross, See your greatest desires in our mirror, or take your chances in the tournament by putting your name in the goblet. Take a trip into our magical world and imagine your a wizard! 

Footprint: 10x10 per exhibit

DSC_0014 (2).JPG
DSC_0014 (2).JPG

Charmed Attic

Cast your very own magic with our screen accurate Book of Shadows.  We have all the potions and herbs needed to vanquish any demon or warlock you encounter.

Footprint: 10 x 20

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